about applicadia

Witness the return of physician productivity and patient interaction, with immediate update in the EMR. Stop the bleed, retain physicians, increase revenue. Remove coding expense, corrections and rejections.

Enhance your 20-year old EMR software platform technology with Applicadia®. Forget the gamut of tabs, screens, clicks, drop downs, logins and typing. Remove anxiety, loss of productivity, and repetitive EMR trips.

Our EcoSystem with HL7® FHIR® Standards interoperability offers existing EMRs access to the new era of usability, capture, retrieval, navigation, and medical knowledge bases.

See mobile clinical solutions with CNLP and speech recognition generate documents that are automatically organized and coded with ICD-10-CM/PCS®, LOINC®, RxNorm®, CPT® and SNOMED-CT® expressions.

Applicadia™ automation guides refinement of clinical details as applicable for improved clinical documentation, reimbursement and compliance, E/M charge value, and more.

Interactive clinical rule-topology datasets for:

+ Clinical Decision Support (CDS) + Coded Clinical Analytics + Evidence Based Medicine
+ Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) + CliniThink® CNLP + Nuance's SpeechAnywhere®


For the developer and IT staff:

Design custom multi-platform GUIs via a drag-n-drop design tools, data-set binding relationships, rule generation, warnings and prompts. Creates new vertical opportunities in healthcare.